Durex promotes Earth Hour with #TurnOffToTurnOn campaign. The Earth Hour is going to be on 29th March at 8:30-9:30 p.m. On this day they encourage people to switch off their electronics and to log off from their profiles. It is going to be an escape from the screen and the technology. Durex offers an experience to people where they will see less and feel more.

Durex created a short film http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d6VPUTtuKuk ), which shows several couples who are distracted by their phones, tablets, laptops etc. This campaign is spanning across 56 markets worldwide. The aim is to drive social interaction with #TurnOffToTurnOn activity. In addition, Durex conducted a survey in the UK, which displays that nearly a third of Britains consider that technology gets in the way of our sex lives.

“Durex believes nothing should get in the way of great sex but our growing obsession with phones, laptops, TVs and Tablets isn’t bringing us closer together, it’s pushing us apart. So for us working with Earth hour is a perfect campaign fit to get across that message, let’s all turn off to turn on,” Ukonwa Ojo, global marketing manager at Durex said.

Enjoy the Earth Hour! We can make difference TOGETHER. 🙂