I haven’t post for a while, because of the many assignments and group presentations at University. But.. yesterday one video, which was uploaded at Facebook captured my attention and I decided to share it with you. It is a brilliant campaign called “Europe. It’s Just Next Door”. Actually, it is not new, the campaign is from 2013, but it is so creative and a way more different than other campaigns. It is touching, it is interactive and it was created by railway company SNCF teamed up with ad agency TBWA Paris. The campaign was in Paris and through it the SNCF aims to promote their travel services. It was created to send pedestrians to other European cities – simply by opening a door.

Many colored doors with the names of cities were placed in public areas around Paris. When opened one of the doors, it was displayed a real-time event happening in this city and pedestrians could watch it and interact with others. It’s an interesting way to not only interact with a new place, but also with the locals. For example, when the door is opened, participants are “able to play with a mime artist in Milan, have their portraits drawn in Brussels, dance with a hip-hop crew in Barcelona, share a romantic boat ride on Geneva Lake, and join a group of young Germans on a bike ride across Stuttgart.”

“These interactive fun experiences not only created multicultural links among Europeans, but also enabled us all to realize that at the end of the day, Europe it’s just next door,” wrote the ad agency.

One innovative and digital campaign promoting the railway system. Creative and clever idea that brings two worlds together through one door.