Helloo everyone,

It is a New year and I am wishing you many beautiful moments, treasured memories and a year full of happiness. ❤

I am back after a long holiday with something, that captured my attention. It is a video that is part of a wider anti-domestic violence campaign. It is a social experiment, which shows children’s touching reactions.

The three-minute video shows several boys in the age between six and eleven years. Luca Lavarone, an Italian video journalist, is conducting this experiment with children focusing on a huge issue –  the violence by men against women.

In the beginning, the boys are asked about their names, age and what they would like to do when they grow up. They are answering with a variety of professions – from pizza maker to firefighter.

Then one pretty girl with long blonde hair is introduced to the boys and the journalist asked them: ‘What do you like about her?

Next, the boys are asked to “caress her”.

Afterwards, the boys are asked to make funny faces at her. Finally, one shocking phrase, ‘And now… slap her!’, confused the boys. Some frown, while others seem like they are about to cry.

Each of the boys refuse to hit her and everyone has different answer. One says: ‘Why? Cause she’s a girl, I can’t do it.’ Another replies: ‘Because you’re not supposed to hit girls, I don’t want to hurt her.’

The video ends with one of the boys’ reaction: ‘Why? Because I’m a man!’

It is a heartwarming video with incredible children’s reactions. Once again, it is proven that older doesn’t necessarily mean wiser.

‘In the kids’ world, women don’t get hit.’

Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b2OcKQ_mbiQ