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Hello people,

Today’s post is going to observe one campaign, which is an initiative of the well-known air company – Air France. The campaign was created for the launch of Air France’s new business cabins in Asia in the beginning of this month and it is about a clever mobile based game called #Upgrade Challenge. It allows people to compete for the upgrades to be in business class, while waiting at the gate for their flight.

I really love the idea, because Air France combines brand experience and brand loyalty in one in terms of targeting customers’ attention. The campaign is great, considering the way it engages people with its content. It affects people’s thinking and attitude towards the upcoming flight. They value the opportunity to have a comfortable flight seating in the first class. It is good that in terms of target audience it involves everyone.

The campaign started in two airports in Singapore and Japan where the brand transformed the boarding gates into a game arena. I consider that this is another advantage, which shows why this campaign is so good in terms of engaging. Air France cares about their customers’ satisfaction therefore the brand creates the perfect atmosphere. The passengers have only 15 minutes to play and all of them are from different age groups and different nationalities, but that doesn’t matter because one thing brings them together – the participation in this game. The rankings were displayed real-time on giant screens. At the end only the top scorers were instantly upgraded to Air France’s new business cabins.

Everyone can join this experience on these departure cities – Singapore, Tokyo, Shanghai, and Jakarta. You can also play the game anywhere at anytime, you just have to download it from the App store.

It is one creative idea, which is valuable by Air France’s customers and at the same time it engages them through a digital experience. It is perfect in so many ways! What do you think?