Hello everyone,

This week’s post is for one of my favourite luxury brands, which is Burberry. It became a leading brand in digital communications and it is developed as digital pioneer. As one of the most prestigious fashion brands in the world, Burberry has climbed completely on board with digital and embraced innovative marketing techniques blurring the boundary between its online environment and physical stores. Burberry is also involved in digital engagement and brand building through its use of music. Its vision was to be “the first company who is fully digital”. I admire the fact that the brand succeeded to create and build own digital culture.

Burberry CEO said: “Technology is an intrinsic part of most people’s lives. All we’ve done is make sure to weave technology into the fabric of the company. This is how customers live, they wake up with a device in their hand and life begins.”

This campaign is the best example how Burberry has earned the reputation of a digital brand in the luxury industry. It was launched one year ago, but I find out about it these days, because I am researching case studies about digitalisation and how brand are developing their communications with its customers (more specifically with the new generation of Millennials) in the digital era as this is the main idea for my dissertation for the next year.

The campaign itself is called ‘Burberry Kisses’ and for this project the brand co-operate with Google. It is a really engaging piece of content and people are connected emotionally, which I consider is the most important thing for a successful campaign. It is known that Burberry is an old brand with a heritage. Its team aimed to introduce an emotion into technology, to encourage people to fall in love with the brand. It was created something that is very personal and at the same time everyone can take part in this interactive experience. And they taught: ‘What is more personal than a kiss?’

Burberry worked with Google to re-imagine how brands can deliver beautiful experience across devices and screens. The brief was to create an emotional connection between the Burberry brand and Millennial consumers through the lens of beauty products. The idea of this project is to send personal kiss to someone special for you and it doesn’t matter the destination – you can send it to everyone EVERYWHERE in the world. It is used a facial recognition technology that can detect the outline of a user’s lips through the webcam. To add a personal touch to every letter, it was used a location data, which brings the experience to life.

I LOVE IT! It is so inspiring and I am happy that Burberry had been transformed from ageing British brand to global digital brand, which engage its customers to the brand itself. One beautiful campaign that explores one universal theme of love, communicated in the most personal way – by sending a KISS.