Hello guys,

Before starting my post this week I have a few questions:

Can you be faster than amur tiger, that runs 20 km a day?

Do you think you can do it? It is a quite challenging, right?

This is all about the fair competition. One project, which is launched by WWF Russia. This campaign is created because of the reason that only about 450 amur tigers left in Russia. It is one creative idea, which I found really clever and it engages a lot of people into this project, without harming these animals.

It is known that human has been always fighting with tigers by poaching them for their skin, bones and teeth. This causes a decline in the tigers population in terms of intensity of farming and building roads, which leads to destroying their habitats.

This project is created by the crew at Hungry Boys in Moscow and the idea is to have a competition between a human and a tiger using running apps.

You will be put in a test to see if you can beat them. You have the opportunity not to race with a friend but with something more competitive, which is ..  a Tiger.

And now when you are reading this you are asking the first question, which comes to your mind, which is:


The answer is: a GPS tracker. They have placed a gsp tag on one of tigers in wildlife to track his position. I know – it is really clever!

All you need is to:

1. Go to the special platform.

2. Connect your account.

3. Just RUN!

And the only catch, in case if you lose the competition, is that you will automatically donate to WWF.

Share this creative content and ask more people to join the project! It is amazing how it is created something, which provokes people to compete and at the same time to contribute for a good cause. It think the creative team for this campaign did a really good job bearing in mind that people like to be challenged and they can also be engaged in this project as participating in it, not only watching it.

Visit the web-site: http://run4tiger.com and create our own account.