Hello everyone,

I had weekend off to Amsterdam, but now I am back. My aim as a blogger is to post every week and this post is going to be for one powerful campaign, which was launched on 8th of March – International Women’s Day. Considering that today is one week later from this day is kind of late. However I really wanted to write and share with you the #Dressgate.

This month one trend became really popular and everyone was talking, posting and commenting about it – the trend called The Dress. It was a fierce debate what is the real colour – some saw the garment as white and gold, other as black and blue. Even celebrities took part in the debate and share opinions on Twitter. Taylor Swift wrote:

“I don’t understand this odd dress debate and I feel like it’s a trick somehow. I’m confused and scared. PS it’s OBVIOUSLY BLUE AND BLACK”.

I find it useful, and more important things must go viral, rather than this dress’s colour. However, I am happy to share that the garment has been used for good cause and The Salvation Army did that. They used #Dressgate to launch a powerful campaign appealing with emotional message. It is about the domestic violence, which is considered to be crime. The organisation produced an image of a young woman covered with bruises and cuts. She is wearing THAT dress with the version of white and gold. The message of the campaign is: “Why is it so hard to see black and blue?”

In addition there is a slogan stated: “The only illusion is if you think it was her choice. One in six women are victims of abuse. Stop abuse against women.”

There are statistics in Britain, which demonstrates that two women every week are killed by a partner or former partner.

Polly Neate, chief executive of Women’s Aid, said:

“Domestic violence is experienced by hundreds of thousands of women every year, but many feel unable to tell anyone because they think that they won’t be believed or that people won’t understand.

“These women live in an invisible prison: controlled and harmed by the person who should love them most.”

This campaign had a huge impact and there were a lot of positive comments on social media.

@JonathanRBlades share on Twitter:

the Salvation Army taking the silliness of to make a powerful point. that is how you jump on the bandwagon

I am impressed from the campaign and how The Salvation Army manage to transform one silly trend into something meaningful, which has emotional appeal and at the same it encourages women to report this crime.