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Hello everyone,

I know I haven’t posted in a while due to the fact that it was end of the term and there were a lot of deadlines due to yesterday. However, I am back now and this post will be different. I am not going to write about the usual campaign post and my impressions of it. I will share my experience from one of the pillars I needed to create for my portfolio, which was to conduct an interview and then write a feature.


In the beginning, I taught that this pillar will be the hardest one. There are a lot of challenges, but afterwards I find out that I really enjoyed writing the feature. It is not an easy task to create an article, which will intrigue the target audience. It is really important to have relationship with your readers, being aware what they want to know or need. Writing an article is not about dry facts and hypothesis, but sharing a story to a specific type of audience, trying to present it in a unique way. I consider that it is essential to possess time-management and planning skills. Therefore, I prepared myself as contacting my interviewee at an early stage to arrange the meeting in advance. The atmosphere in the place we met was pleasant without disturbing noise and it was easy to talk. The conversation was flowing without any tension. However, one of the challenges I consider is not to take personal view on topics and questions and to have both neutral and at the same time thought-provoking tone. This is my first real interview and I don’t have enough experience in this process. I definitely will do it again and I like the fact that writing an article is not always about showing the positive side of the person. On the contrary, it shows the real character of people and it is difficult to draw someone out. While conducting the interview I took down notes and I was purposeful in terms of what I would like to ask and find out. I prepared my questions in advance and I have succeeded to receive all of the answers. Additionally, I made up a couple more following questions during the interview leading from the general ones. When I was composing the feature it was a bit of challenge to sift the information and to evaluate what the chosen readership will be interested in and how the article will attract their attention. However, I enjoyed it and I consider that as a future PR practitioner I need to be aware what it is to be on the other side, not always showing the positive nature of the issue or the character of a person.

What do you think?