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Hello everyone,

This post will be about visual, visual and again.. visual.

Why it is so important these days to include visual communications in your job as a PR practitioner?

It has been proven that using visual is more persuasive, powerful and it can reach everyone. Someone once said:

We live in a world where people are far more influenced by what they see rather than what they hear or read. The role of digital media is an important major part of PR and it can be used both in traditional and social media. The best way of distributing the message to the right target audience through different channels is using visualisation. The power and the impact that it has is huge, and it can appeal in different ways bringing emotions to the audience. The influence of a video itself can produce “new realities” in a creative way.

Visual content is one of the most influential tools and has a great impact on people’s attitudes. Additionally, PR practitioners embrace it and include it in its strategy due to its advantages and it assists in achieving effective communications with the public. Using visual media engages the audience and benefits all PR efforts to build relationships and ensure mutual understanding as well as involving more and more people, which leads to sharing the content itself. Another advantage is the emotional impact that images and more specifically videos have.

Nowadays, the evolution of the digital world offers the great opportunity for PR practitioners to develop and craft their skills. Including a visual part in the campaign ensures success due to faster distribution of compelling messages. Using visualisation allows PR practitioners to be creative and to drive attention to a specific target audience inspiring it to act and to be involved in the project itself.