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I hope everyone is doing well and having a great week!

I was studying hard for my first exam, which is tomorrow so wish me luck and fingers crossed. I’ve decided to share some thoughts with you and write about my new favourite platform ‘Periscope’, which I consider as an engaging way for sharing content. It can be applied to PR as a great tool for communicating with key audiences, not only B2C, but also B2B.

People are crazy about it and as I read only for 10 days Periscope gained 1 million users, which is incredible success.


Information about the creation of Periscope:

  • Mother of Periscope is Twitter
  • Twitter launched not only Periscope, but also Meerkat (both apps to broadcast live-video feed to your Twitter followers)

It is an innovative platform to deliver content through engaging way, useful for distribution, reporting and sharing. The exciting part is that you are streaming everything live. I like the fact that you can be wherever you want and meet different people from different countries doing different things such as ‘watching’ the sunset in New Jersey or ‘walking down’ the streets of New York (being next to Empire State Building) or be in an PR consultancy office (where the person is writing press release), or talking with influential people (CEOs, celebrities) from different areas.

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Advantages of Periscope used in PR sphere:

  1. Taking social media to a whole level – as PR is using more and more social media rather than traditional, this will be a great opportunity to engage people and influence key stakeholders through this new platform distributing different messages in a creative way.
  1. Changing public communications globally – Great potential for PR to develop on different scale of using video impact. It can share key moments, speeches and events and getting instant feedback from the public (as people who are watching the video can comment throughout).
  1. Major impact in managing internal communications – having staff live streaming on the workplace will engage and encourage them to be brand ambassadors of the organisation itself. (Of course, bearing in mind that this will be included in the social media policy of the organisation and employees should know what is kept confidential and what is not.)
  1. Useful way to communicate with journalists/ also Citizen Journalism – It is advantage for journalist, but also for PR practitioners, who are seeking to get coverage or distribute key messages, stories.
  1. Using it as a narrative tool in PR – PR practitioners are storytellers (sharing company story – values, mission, vision, goals).
  1. Social CEO – PR practitioners could encourage CEOs to adopt social media habits and engage key audiences as using Periscope.

Do you like Periscope? What do you think – is it a momentum success or this is the future of digital communications?