World Baby Shower!

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In this post, I just wanted to share with you one amazing campaign, which is touching, inspiring and encouraging others to do the same.

The first time this campaign was launched was in 2013 by the superstar Shakira,  who is also an UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, and her soccer star mate Gerard Piqué. They organised it for UNICEF and the campaign was called World Baby Shower. It was before the birth of their first son Milan in 2013. It contributed to the organisation itself and it had a huge success.

“Thanks to you, over 80,000 children will be protected from polio, almost 200,000 oral rehydration salts sachets will be distributed in times of need, the 3.8 tons of therapeutic food collected will save many children from severe acute malnutrition, among other life-saving tools that were purchased to protect babies and children,” Shakira told fans at the end of that campaign.

Shakira and FC Barcelona player Gerard Piqué are doing the campaign again inviting their global fans to contribute to UNICEF’s “World Baby Shower” for their newborn second son. They are appealing to everyone to donate, because The World Baby Shower will benefit UNICEF campaigns for children around the world.


Donations, which will benefit UNICEF’s international programs for children, can be made at The “inspired gifts” that people can purchase include polio vaccines, blankets, water for entire families in emergency situations and therapeutic meals for children with malnutrition.

And anyone in the United States can also make a gift of $14.50 to receive a “limited edition” thank you card with an exclusive photo of the couple.



Now you can host your own shower!!!

  1. Invite your friends via email or social media to participate and change the lives of thousands of children for the better.
  2. If you are pregnant or know someone who is expecting, you can organize your own World Baby Shower and also encourage others to do the same.

Give an Inspired Gift or Host a UNICEF Shower. Let’s do it!





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This week I will discuss an ad campaign called The Chokeables. The campaign is created by a first aid charity called St. John Ambulance and they also came up with the initial idea.

The Chokeables teach parents how to stop baby from choking. Conducting a research, it was concluded that  four-fifths of parents (79%) do not know the correct technique despite more than half (58%) saying that choking is a major fear for them and 40% have witnessed their own baby choke.

In the 40 seconds video, it is shown how to give a first aid to a choking baby. The campaign is also joined by celebrities and together with St. John Ambulance, they want to show how easy is to save a choking baby’s life.

The Chokeables is featuring by the voices of British celebrities: David Walliams, David Mitchell, Johnny Vegas and Sir John Hurt. The celebrities take on the characters of animated objects that could potentially choke babies: a small princess toy, a pen lid, a jelly baby and a peanut.

According to PR assistant Freya Carr, the ad received a good coverage and it’s “reached” more than a million people in its first 24 hours. The advert was published on 10th of Jan, 2015 on YouTube and now it has more than 1,600,000 views.

Share the video and send it to family and friends.

Share on Twitter with #TheChokeables.

It is better more people to watch it and distribute it through different channels. People and more specifically parents will be taught on simple skills, which will help them to save the most valuable and priceless thing – baby’s life.

Other first aid resources for parents can be found on the aid charity’s website:


“Will You?”


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This week it was released one ad campaign from a women’s favourite jewellery brand called Tiffany & Co. Anddd the interesting part is that for a first time the jewellery giant is showcasing a same-sex couple in an ad campaign.

The campaign is about one of the most important moments in every person’s life – the engagement. The ad, shot by a fashion photographer Peter Lindbergh, features seven scenes of couples at different stages of their relationships including a male couple. The Tiffany spokeswoman Linda Buckley said the men are a real-life couple in a New York city and this is another way to show a new “modern approach to love and romance.”

“All of these scenes have a unifying theme: they capture a moment in time when couples experience an intimate connection, an acknowledgment that yes, this person is the one, now and forever,” the press release stated.

‘Nowadays, the road to marriage is no longer linear,’ said Buckley.

The photo of the men will appear on the magazines and  it says: ‘Will you promise to never stop completing my sentences or singing off-key, which I’m afraid you do often? And will you let today be the first sentence of one long story that never, ever ends?’


‘Will you’ ad also feature a couple who chose to have children before they get married.

Tiffany & Co. used to not even include people, they only show the jeweleries. The only time they would show a person was pearls, because they said: “Pearls look better on skin.”

“No other brand embodies the emotion and trust that Tiffany does for those who are committed to one another,” said Caroline Naggiar, chief marketing officer of Tiffany & Co.

A lot of people on Twitter are giving positive responses to the ad and most of them love it.  Let’s look at what some people are saying on Twitter.


It is the right time Tiffany & Co feature this. It is a part of our world and it is a smart move. Great progress has been made in regards to the lesbian, gay and bisexual community. 

“Unfortunately, the struggle for transgender equality continues. In the end, it is our hope that that we can make a difference through this campaign.”

“People have always looked to Tiffany to commemorate the most precious and joyous moments in their lives.”


“Slap her”

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It is a New year and I am wishing you many beautiful moments, treasured memories and a year full of happiness. ❤

I am back after a long holiday with something, that captured my attention. It is a video that is part of a wider anti-domestic violence campaign. It is a social experiment, which shows children’s touching reactions.

The three-minute video shows several boys in the age between six and eleven years. Luca Lavarone, an Italian video journalist, is conducting this experiment with children focusing on a huge issue –  the violence by men against women.

In the beginning, the boys are asked about their names, age and what they would like to do when they grow up. They are answering with a variety of professions – from pizza maker to firefighter.

Then one pretty girl with long blonde hair is introduced to the boys and the journalist asked them: ‘What do you like about her?

Next, the boys are asked to “caress her”.

Afterwards, the boys are asked to make funny faces at her. Finally, one shocking phrase, ‘And now… slap her!’, confused the boys. Some frown, while others seem like they are about to cry.

Each of the boys refuse to hit her and everyone has different answer. One says: ‘Why? Cause she’s a girl, I can’t do it.’ Another replies: ‘Because you’re not supposed to hit girls, I don’t want to hurt her.’

The video ends with one of the boys’ reaction: ‘Why? Because I’m a man!’

It is a heartwarming video with incredible children’s reactions. Once again, it is proven that older doesn’t necessarily mean wiser.

‘In the kids’ world, women don’t get hit.’

Watch the video here:


Follow the fairies!

I am baaaccckkkkkk … after I was so stressed these weeks, because of the pressure of all the academic projects I did. Christmas is around the corner and I am going to write my festive post for one recent Christmas campaign by M&S.

Mark & Spencer launched their campaign called “Follow the fairies” and it went viral so fast and now it has 3 million views on YouTube. The two fairies called Magic and Sparkle are spreading kindness across the UK.

The music is set to the classic Julie London version of Fly Me To The Moon. The advert shows the two magical girls soaring through the sky waving magic sparkle and spreading joy and love. Independent stated that it has been recognized as one of the best Christmas campaigns for 2014.

They have a strong presence on social media setting up the mysterious Twitter account, @TheTwoFairies who have been traveling around the country giving surprise gifts to make people’s days and spread love with the hashtag #FollowTheFairies.

They even covered a primary school in SNOW for the children of Cornwall to play with.

Christmas is better with Magic & Sparkle.

Patrick Bousquet-Chavanne, Executive Director of Marketing and International at M&S said: “The magic of Christmas is how it brings out that little part in all of us that wants to believe in the extraordinary.

Watch the ad here:

N.B.: I am so excited that my Christmas vacation started and I am going home after 2 days. I can’t wait to see my family and friends. I just wanted to share this with you and to say that I wish u the best Christmas and New Year’s Eve 2015 while spending time full of happiness, love and peace with your beloved people. Have a wonderful holiday filled with unforgettable moments and be grateful for what you have.

Warmest wishes at Christmas and always,



“Europe. It’s Just Next Door”

I haven’t post for a while, because of the many assignments and group presentations at University. But.. yesterday one video, which was uploaded at Facebook captured my attention and I decided to share it with you. It is a brilliant campaign called “Europe. It’s Just Next Door”. Actually, it is not new, the campaign is from 2013, but it is so creative and a way more different than other campaigns. It is touching, it is interactive and it was created by railway company SNCF teamed up with ad agency TBWA Paris. The campaign was in Paris and through it the SNCF aims to promote their travel services. It was created to send pedestrians to other European cities – simply by opening a door.

Many colored doors with the names of cities were placed in public areas around Paris. When opened one of the doors, it was displayed a real-time event happening in this city and pedestrians could watch it and interact with others. It’s an interesting way to not only interact with a new place, but also with the locals. For example, when the door is opened, participants are “able to play with a mime artist in Milan, have their portraits drawn in Brussels, dance with a hip-hop crew in Barcelona, share a romantic boat ride on Geneva Lake, and join a group of young Germans on a bike ride across Stuttgart.”

“These interactive fun experiences not only created multicultural links among Europeans, but also enabled us all to realize that at the end of the day, Europe it’s just next door,” wrote the ad agency.

One innovative and digital campaign promoting the railway system. Creative and clever idea that brings two worlds together through one door.


The Best Job In The World

I am back again with another interesting post, which is about The Best Job in the World. It is one really interesting and creative campaign, which was created by Tourism Queensland that offered consumers a chance to apply for the dream job.

The Best Job is an old campaign from 2009, but I really liked the idea and I decided to write about it. The website was encouraging people to apply for the best job of “Caretaker for the Islands” of the Great Barrier Reef. It was a six-week application period in January 2009, which gained popularity through social media and their Web site. There were more than 35,000 applicants from 200 different nations. The process for the application required a 60 second web video submitted on the web site and explaining why they should get the job. The benefits from this job were huge salary, free lodging in a multi-million dollar villa, and transportation there and around the islands.

There were a lot of people trying to get this position and in the end there were 16 finalists including one chosen by an online vote. One of the applicants was trying to get attention from the recruiters and on 11 February 2009, this man – Christopher Grima – jumped off the South Causeway Bridge in Fort Pierce in Florida. After all they choose the winner who was Ben Southall from United Kingdom.

This was one really clever campaign, which was social media-based and it was advertised worldwide. The BBC produced a reality TV-style documentary and YouTube was used for distributing recruitment videos. Twitter and Facebook pages were also created, and also photos on Flickr. My personal opinion is that this was one brilliant idea on how to promote the island. They thought about the audience and what actually matters to them. It was one clever and creative idea with huge impact on people.


UN – The Autocomplete Truth case study – “Women campaign”


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Last week we had a lecture with two guest speakers from Weber Shandwick, one of the world’s leading global public relations firms. I really like how Weber Shandwick is interacting with an organization and its public – always trying to engage with their creative strategy and digital media.

The lecture was on International PR and they shared experience from the PR Cannes Lions Competition this year, talked about how important is to look for Insights in everything and gave different examples of campaigns. We watched many campaigns with different messages and appeals to the public. I have picked one of them and in this post I am going to write about The Autocomplete Truth case study – “Women campaign” by UN.

It is an ad campaign that uses only Google searches, which are based on what women should and shouldn’t do. The results are shocking and it is shown that despite the today’s modern age the discrimination of women in different aspects still exists worldwide. UN is making a case study for women’s rights and this became a global phenomenon with viral success. Through the campaign #womenshould, the globe is transformed in one big UN forum for the people, trying to engage everyone all around the world. The conversation was expanded through online film and key international PR events (2013 Global PR Summit). It also won The Most Shared Ad of 2013 (Adweek, Social Good Campaign of 2013 (Ad Council). The campaign reached 1.2 Billion Global Impressions with over 224 Million Twitter Impressions. It drove men and women to debate the topic on social media, TV talk shows, radio stations, blogs, PR summits and in classrooms worldwide.

It is shown how with a creative way and a few simple facts, this integrated campaign made people think about the state of gender equality, that it exists today. There is a strong appeal to the whole world with enormous impact on people and provoking them to rethink about this issue.

Join the conversation on Twitter using the #womenshould !

Watch “The Autocomplete Truth”, a new video by Memac Ogilvy & Mather :


The Girl Effect: The Clock is Ticking

This week I will share with you one interesting campaign called “The Girl Effect”, which personally for me has quite complex message. The campaign is about girls who live in poverty. I watched this video for the first time during one of my lectures. Here I will introduce two different points of view.

The first one will be the main idea of the campaign and I have done a research about it through their web site. Then I am going to share my personal impression of the first watching. According to their website( ) the Girl Effect is a movement, which is about making girls visible and changing their social and economic lifestyle . Nowadays, the poverty is considered as a global problem and in the campaign is said that there is a solution. Through the video is shown that there is a chance of preventing issues such as child marriage, teen pregnancy and HIV/AIDS. The idea is to include girls in education, health and economic investment. The girls cannot do it alone and they need help and someone should invest in their potential. May be many of you (like me) are starting to ask the question: “WHY GIRLS?” I have read in their web site that they invest time and energy, because adolescent girls are agents on change. They play a crucial role in solving the problems facing the world. According to the statistics they are a huge percentage of young pregnant girls, married on the early age of 15 or having HIV/AIDS. This hole movement is created by Nike Foundation in collaboration with the NoVo Foundation , United Nations Foundation and Coalition for Adolescent Girls. For more information or if you want to help and make a donation visit the website.

And now … this is my personal point of view, where I am not going to criticize anyone, just sharing some thoughts. When I first watched the video, I started to think: “Okey, there is a problem. It is a desperate situation and it is good that there is a solution.” In the beginning I thought that this whole idea is about girls who are sick from HIV/AIDS. Then we discussed it at class, and I understood the message. For that reason I think identifying the key message is not easy. They are a lot of different messages such as poverty, HIV/AIDS, adolescent girls, education, marriage at early age and pregnancy. There is ambiguity and it is a bit confusing.
The second thing that comes to my mind is: “Why is everything about girls’ poverty?” They are not the only victims of this global problem. In the video there is a solution, which stated: “Keep them in school, educated, healthy etc.” This is not the answer of preventing it. First of all, if child lives in poverty, how it will be educated and healthy, when it is impecunious. In addition, you cannot keep your child in school and telling it what they should do, if they refuse to do it. The last thing is about the creator of the campaign. Nike has their bad reputation, because it has been accused of using child labor (children in poor labor conditions) in the production of its soccer balls in Pakistan. And now they launched this campaign about poverty. It is really strange, unless they are trying to recover from this crisis and to build a good reputation again. Nike, it is not about “JUST DO IT”, you should “DO IT RIGHT”.
As a conclusion, it is good that there is a campaign about poverty, but it should be included also boys. Personally for me, the website is much better than the video. I like the way they are trying to engage the world, but message is not clear. There is also emotional appeal and visual effects with music. “The Clock is Ticking” and the time is running out – if you want to help and do something useful for this global problem -> Go to their Website


Greenpeace – LEGO Campaign Success


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After a long holiday, now I am back with a new post for a recent campaign, which grabbed my attention. It is a massive and it is launched by Greenpeace. It was a three – month campaign supported by millions of people and now Greenpeace could celebrate as Logo has announced that it will not renew its contract with Shell. The environmental group created this campaign versus Shell via Lego. Shell is known as an Arctic destroyer and this is a massive victory for over one million Arctic Defenders.

This video goes viral really fast and people worldwide called on Lego to stop helping Shell look like a responsible and caring company. There are 6 million who are watched the video on YouTube and you can also sign a petition for protecting the home of the polar bears. You can also tweet about it with #SaveTheArctic.
When I watched it for a first time the song immediately stuck in my head. This PR Campaign is successful and it is good that it’s so big and powerful, because it is sad how a big toy brand as Lego is used as a tool in any dispute between organisations.

LEGO: Everything is NOT awesome ! Think about it.